Wherever power needs to be combined with reliability

Because of their reliability, their steadily improving performance, and their very long shelf life with no maintenance, thermal batteries are the ideal solution for reserve power and energy in all air, space and defense applications.

Thermal batteries are becoming an ideal solution for artillery applications (mortar ammunition, artillery shell, power supply for munitions, etc.): thanks to built-in striker mechanism, the thermal battery self activates under launch. Research programs on thin film technology provide significant advantage on the miniaturization.

Thermal batteries can be designed with more than one power output, thus giving the design engineer the ability to power several different systems with the same single battery.  This innovation allows for the multi-purpose use of the battery, reducing weight and saving space, while enhancing the performance of the weapon and its mission.

In addition to seat ejection applications where the key  advantage is the instanteous activation, thermal batteries are also providing emergency backup power for aircraft, including helicopters and drones (UAVs).

Thermal batteries can be connected in parallel and series in order to constitute full battery systems.  Examples of applications are Thrust Vector Control and Divert and Attitude actuators for space applications.  The high power performance combined with the simplicity of use make our thermal batteries the cutting edge solution for a new actuator generation.

Applications are not limited to high power.  New technologies now enable thermal batteries to operate and provide power for over one hour.  This longevity works well for emergency backup situations that can be used for aircraft, beacons, radios, decoys, underwater applications or parachute drop control systems.


Specific interface solutions can be implemented over the full range of battery power, mass, & volume requirements ;  brackets and flanges are available, as well as standard connectors which can be directly integrated to the battery header.   Contact ATB for special system integration needs.

Although most thermal battery designs are made to last from a few seconds to only a few minutes, new technologies now enable thermal batteries to provide power for over one hour.

These new technologies are being used on very long duration flight systems that could travel significant distances before hitting its target.


ATB’s packaging capability enables us to provide the customer with a complete plug and play power system solution that can be easily integrated into the final assembly.


We provide the customer ease of installation, making it safe during the final assembly process.